Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Northeast Road Trip

I know a lot about the Northeast because my dad grew up in Long Island and my grandparents live there still. I visit a lot and they take me and the rest of my family to some relly cool places.                                            One of the cool places that I saw was the Statue of Liberty. The Statue of Liberty was delivered from France (i think). I'm not 100% sure because whenver I visit I'm too lazy to read the signs and info.        Something similar between the Northeast and Midwest is the weather. The weather is really close to being the same noly that in the winter I think that Chicago is actully a little colder. Otherwise, the weather is really close to eing the same.                That's all I have to say! Thanks for Reading!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

I am a slave. Day 1

I am really scarred because I will get put up for an auction. I guess I am a good worker because my family is getting sold for the lowest of $800. My only problem is that so far I haven't seen any money. My family is arguing and they want to sell me. My dad is white and my mom is black. 
I am scarred because I will get sold. My only problem is that so far I haven’t seen any $$$.$$. My mom is black and my dad is white so I still need to get sold. My whole family will actually get sold onto different ships to go to different places. I am feeling weird inside.


Today is my last day to see my wife and Baby. I am so sad. They will die. I will escape because I don’t want to die with them. My master has made her marry another man and I guess the man was bad and he killed her. I just found it out. It stinks! I will try to get a good job and shelter. I will travel very far away where slavery doesn't even exist. I was thinking about a family that hates the idea of slavery. 

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Southeast Journal 1!!!

I'm so exited to drive around the Southeast! I've been to the Midwest, West, and Southwest. I know some facts all ready about the Southeast. One is that farming is also common in the Southeast. Some big ones are Peanuts, Cotton, and something else that I can't remember right now. Looks like I need to learn! Also the weather is sort of like the Southwest. It is very hot. I'm glad I'm staying at a place close to the Atlantic Ocean! That will keep me cool. Well, I hope to learn more. Thanks for reading!


Monday, May 9, 2011

Southwest Journal 2!!!!

      Today I'm leaving the Southwest and on to my next region. So far my trip was great! I've learned so much ab out the Southwest on my visit.
      One thing was that Oil is very important here. The Southwest is a big area where you could get oil. Oil is good because it could be used in many ways. One of the ways is filling up cars. In fact, that's what I'm doing right now! Oil is very expensive because a lot of people need it.

Machine getting oil from the water and sand down beow
       There were Native American tribes also in the Southwest. A very large one was the Pueblo Tribe.The Pueblo People built very tall and detailed homes. One common tool they used was clay. Come to the Southwest to see a Pueblo Home!

Lastly I'll tell you a little about Las Vegas. Las Vegas is the second most popular in the United states. Most movie stars live in Las Vegas because Hollwood is there. Hollywood is a place where lots of t.v shows and movies are filmed.

I hope you learned something from my blog. Thanks for reading!


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Southewst Journal 1

I had a great time in the West! Now I'm going to the Southwest. Somethings I know about the Southwest already is that there are high temperates. It is very hot there because it is so closet to the equator! The Southwest is mostly badlands. Many caucuses grow in the Southwest. The Southwest's most popular city is
Las Vegas. Hollywood is there and actually I want to see the Hollywood sign! Las Vegas is the 2nd most popular city in the United States. I would really like to go there. There is very little rainfall in the Southwest. I know that because I'm reading Holes in my Lit Circles group. Lastly I might want to visit these four states that make up the Southwest: Nevada, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, and the Grand Canyon! That's all I have to say!


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

West Journal 2!!!!

  I can't belive I'm already out here in the West! This is so cool! I'm so hot down here. My arms are as hot as a bonfire! So far I've visited Hoover Dam, Death Valley, and Great salt lake. Now I'm on my way to Los Angles then Mt. St. Helens! My trip is awsome so far!

Hoover Dam straddles the mighty Colorado River, which forms the border between the states of Nevada and Arizona. I think this Dam is the world's largest Dam!

Death Valley is also very big. It is a national park known for its extraodinary canyons and colors. Death Valley is also the lowest point in the Western Hemesphire.

Lastly, I've visited great Salt lake which is the largest saltlake in the Western Hemesphire. There it has a lot of creepy Native American Legands about monsters with giant heads in the water and stuff like that. Lastly, Don't forget that Great Salt Lake isw a great place to go to and have fun at!

All I know about Mt. St. Helens is that it has a volcano at the top of it so I think I might want to learn more about that! But you have to be honost, Los Angles is a HUGE city in California so I'm very exited to go there.

Thanks For Reading!

Monday, April 18, 2011

West Road Trip!

                  I can't believe we're going to the West now! I like the West. It has so many fun things to do there. I know that the Gold Rush happened there. It was big. Very big. People from all over the world went to California for gold. It was very fighty and dangrous. the news was spread all over. The gold actully did help the West though. It made it wealthier.

                Technology is also big in the West. So many companies are out there such as Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and much more!  But I just have one question... WHY? That's what I will try to find out.

Thanks for reading!