Monday, May 9, 2011

Southwest Journal 2!!!!

      Today I'm leaving the Southwest and on to my next region. So far my trip was great! I've learned so much ab out the Southwest on my visit.
      One thing was that Oil is very important here. The Southwest is a big area where you could get oil. Oil is good because it could be used in many ways. One of the ways is filling up cars. In fact, that's what I'm doing right now! Oil is very expensive because a lot of people need it.

Machine getting oil from the water and sand down beow
       There were Native American tribes also in the Southwest. A very large one was the Pueblo Tribe.The Pueblo People built very tall and detailed homes. One common tool they used was clay. Come to the Southwest to see a Pueblo Home!

Lastly I'll tell you a little about Las Vegas. Las Vegas is the second most popular in the United states. Most movie stars live in Las Vegas because Hollwood is there. Hollywood is a place where lots of t.v shows and movies are filmed.

I hope you learned something from my blog. Thanks for reading!


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