Tuesday, April 26, 2011

West Journal 2!!!!

  I can't belive I'm already out here in the West! This is so cool! I'm so hot down here. My arms are as hot as a bonfire! So far I've visited Hoover Dam, Death Valley, and Great salt lake. Now I'm on my way to Los Angles then Mt. St. Helens! My trip is awsome so far!

Hoover Dam straddles the mighty Colorado River, which forms the border between the states of Nevada and Arizona. I think this Dam is the world's largest Dam!

Death Valley is also very big. It is a national park known for its extraodinary canyons and colors. Death Valley is also the lowest point in the Western Hemesphire.

Lastly, I've visited great Salt lake which is the largest saltlake in the Western Hemesphire. There it has a lot of creepy Native American Legands about monsters with giant heads in the water and stuff like that. Lastly, Don't forget that Great Salt Lake isw a great place to go to and have fun at!

All I know about Mt. St. Helens is that it has a volcano at the top of it so I think I might want to learn more about that! But you have to be honost, Los Angles is a HUGE city in California so I'm very exited to go there.

Thanks For Reading!

Monday, April 18, 2011

West Road Trip!

                  I can't believe we're going to the West now! I like the West. It has so many fun things to do there. I know that the Gold Rush happened there. It was big. Very big. People from all over the world went to California for gold. It was very fighty and dangrous. the news was spread all over. The gold actully did help the West though. It made it wealthier.

                Technology is also big in the West. So many companies are out there such as Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and much more!  But I just have one question... WHY? That's what I will try to find out.

Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Road Trip

This is so fun learning about different places when I go to them. So far my favorite place is Mt. Rushmore. It looks amazing! I couldn't believe it took about 20 years to build! I also liked Red River Valley. I heard it sticks out in Canada a little bit and comes down through the center of Minnesota. I also visited the 5 great lakes. They have so much fresh water. I hope we use that water and drink it! The Gateway Arch is beautiful! It was built as a monument for the west expantion or something like that. I couldn't believe how big it was! I also saw Nebraska! Nebraska is hilly and also has a lot of farming just like Wisconsin! That's pretty much it. I hope to learn more!


Friday, April 8, 2011

 I am so exited to drive around the Midwest with my friends. I think it will be a lot of fun. I would really like to see a lot of fun things around the Midwest that is famous. Everyone is really exited about it. I think it might be warmer in some places than others. I would like to go to the Midwest because I like the fun places you could go to and stuff. It is also great because I've lived in the Midwest for 10 years now and in the past it was great traveling around town. I hope we have a great time.

Joey H.