Thursday, May 19, 2011

I am a slave. Day 1

I am really scarred because I will get put up for an auction. I guess I am a good worker because my family is getting sold for the lowest of $800. My only problem is that so far I haven't seen any money. My family is arguing and they want to sell me. My dad is white and my mom is black. 
I am scarred because I will get sold. My only problem is that so far I haven’t seen any $$$.$$. My mom is black and my dad is white so I still need to get sold. My whole family will actually get sold onto different ships to go to different places. I am feeling weird inside.


Today is my last day to see my wife and Baby. I am so sad. They will die. I will escape because I don’t want to die with them. My master has made her marry another man and I guess the man was bad and he killed her. I just found it out. It stinks! I will try to get a good job and shelter. I will travel very far away where slavery doesn't even exist. I was thinking about a family that hates the idea of slavery. 

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